Welcome to the most up-to-date defensive training association in the country!  Welcome to N.A.P.S.I.!

Be sure to read through the N.A.P.S.I. Instructor Code of Ethics that all N.A.P.S.I. Approved Coaches and Instructors must agree to uphold. 

In January 2015, a small group of dedicated professional defensive shooting instructors teamed up to collaborate on the development of a new organization that would be dedicated to the betterment of defensive firearms training available to people throughout the United States.

The N.A.P.S.I. Board of Directors is made up of six Founding Members and four Foundational Members.  This group represents a mix of very diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and areas of expertise in various aspects of self-defense, both armed and unarmed. Together, they represent the culmination of decades of real-world experience and thousands of hours of training from some of the best trainers in the country including service and specialized training in our armed forces, law enforcement, and through private training organizations and instructors.

As an organization, N.A.P.S.I. is focused on delivering the highest quality training experience possible.  N.A.P.S.I. Approved Trainers are required to complete one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive instructor development programs in the country. We demand excellence from those who have earned N.A.P.S.I. Approved Trainer status and we refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity or notoriety.

N.A.P.S.I. has a simple formula for program development; not a single piece of coursework is released for public consumption before it has been beta tested, subjected to peer review, refined, tested again, subjected to more peer review, and finally tweaked to a completed, proven final product.  This means you can be confident that, should you decide to attend any N.A.P.S.I. training course, you won’t be coming in as a “guinea pig” or be exposed to curriculum that hasn’t already been fully vetted by professionals in self-defense, law enforcement, military, as well as legally armed citizens just like yourself.

As we move forward and continue to develop and grow as an association, we will periodically add more coursework to our training program, and just like the current N.A.P.S.I. course offerings, you can expect this coursework will be fully vetted, peer-reviewed, and tested prior to its release for public consumption. We look forward to seeing you in a class sometime soon!

The National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors