Jeff's Certifications Include:

NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Shotgun Instructor

NRA Rifle Instructor
NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor
NRA Muzzleloading Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instructor

NRA Metallic Cartridge and Shotshell Reloading Instructor

NRA Home Firearms Safety Instructor
NRA Training Counselor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA/BSA Train the Trainer Pistol Marksmanship and Safety Instructor
TPWD Master and Area Chief Hunter Education Instructor
USCCA Affiliate Instructor
N.A.P.S.I. Approved Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor
N.A.P.S.I. Approved Senior Instructor Trainer

Professional Affiliations:

NRA Life Member
N.A.P.S.I. (National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors) Foundational Member

N.A.P.S.I. Foundational Member:
Jeff Srygley


Jeff is the owner of “Jeff’s Gunslingers”, a sporting goods store located in Amarillo, Tx.   He has been a licensed FFL gun dealer since 2003 and has been involved in firearms instruction since 2005. 

Jeff holds the NRA Distinguished Expert ranking in Pistol, Defensive Pistol I and II, Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays.  He is also a competitive shooter in multiple disciplines as well as a freelance writer, and commentator on the Cold Dead Hands Saloon Podcast.  In recent years, Jeff was inducted into the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Hunter Education Instructor Hall of Fame.