in December of 2017 as a Senior Supply Chain Specialist.  Jim always had an interest in helping people, so while working full time, he also became a member of the Maxwell First Responders and actively worked with this unit for 10 years before deciding to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.  In 1996, Jim was sworn in with the Story County Sheriff’s department where he worked almost 18 years as a Law Enforcement Officer before retiring in 2013. 

To help satisfy his interest in handguns, Jim got involved in competitive shooting in the 1980’s, primarily competing in IPSC and USPSA.   His service in law enforcement spurred an interest in a more “tactical” style of competition, so he began competing in IDPA matches in the 1990’s.  He also took part in various Law Enforcement competitions.  In 2011, Jim finished 5th in the Expert classification nationally in the IDPA “Postal Match”. 

During his years of competitive shooting, Jim developed an interest in helping new shooters get started in the handgun sports.  That, combined with his background in law enforcement, eventually lead to his decision to start down the path of becoming a defensive shooting instructor.   In 2016, he launched Midwest Firearms Academy, LLC, based out of Madrid, Iowa.  Jim is the owner/operator/lead instructor and stays active teaching a variety of defensive shooting coursework in addition to providing private instruction and consulting services based on the individual needs of his clients. 

Jim's Certifications Include:

NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor
NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor (Defensive Pistol)
NRA Range Safety Officer
Iowa Approved Concealed Weapons Instructor
N.A.P.S.I. Approved Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor

N.A.P.S.I. Approved Advanced Defensive Shotgun Instructor

N.A.P.S.I. Approved Senior Instructor Trainer

P.O.S.T. Approved (SRT Group) Basic Patrol Rifle/LE Rifle Instructor
P.O.S.T. Approved (SRT Group) Basic Patrol Shotgun/LE Shotgun Instructor

P.O.S.T. Approved (SRT Group) Tactical Handgun Instructor
P.O.S.T. Approved (SRT Group) Force-on-Force Instructor

Additional Training Summary:

P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) Certification
I.L.E.A. (Iowa Law Enforcement Academy) Certification (80 hours)
S.C.S.O. Use of Force - Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol
S.C.S.O. PR-24 (Baton)
S.C.S.O. Verbal Judo
S.C.S.O. Active Shooter
S.C.S.O. Active Shooter/Solo Engagement
S.C.S.O. Precision Driving and Pit
S.C.S.O. Pursuit and Stop Sticks
S.C.S.O. Child Abduction and Response
S.C.S.O. Handcuffs and Restraints
S.C.S.O. Residence Entry and Clearing
S.C.S.O. OC Spray
S.C.S.O. First Aid/CPR/AED
S.C.S.O. Blood Borne Pathogens
S.C.S.O. Mental Health First Aid

No Soft Targets (Josh Gideon) - "Place of Worship Risk Management"

Professional Affiliations:

NRA Annual Member
USCCA Annual Member

Vice President Boone Sportsman's Club 
N.A.P.S.I. (National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors) Foundational Member

Born in 1952, Jim grew up on a family farm in central Iowa.   As it was in most rural areas of the country at that time, firearms were an important tool used for supplying food for the family and protecting livestock and property from predators and varmints.  As such, Jim was introduced to rifles and shotguns at an early age by his father, and he spent a good portion of his youth roaming the hills, timber and creeks of Iowa learning firearms safety and marksmanship while hunting game and varmints.  ​

After graduating high school, Jim worked several jobs before accepting a position at Sundstrand (now Danfoss) in Ames, Iowa.  He stayed with Danfoss for 44 years and retired  

N.A.P.S.I. Foundational Member:

Jim Egeland