N.A.P.S.I. Founding Member:
Timothy Jett

Tim graduated from Rolla Technical Institute in 1994 as the Distinguished Honor Graduate for highest GPA in the Respiratory Therapy Program.  Later that year he took a position with Vencor Hospital as a Facility Manager.

In 1998, Tim began training in Aikido with Sensei Elliot Freeman and Sensei Gordon Green. In 2000, Tim became an assistant trainer for Sensei Freeman’s Defensive Tactics Technologies, a POST certified law enforcement, security, institutional and personal protection training agency.

Tim received his NRA Pistol Instructor certification in 2012 and soon thereafter founded Patriot Armed Defense, a company devoted to quality firearms training in Missouri.  Since its inception Patriot Armed Defense has trained over 1000 Missouri Patriots to meet the state requirements for obtaining their concealed carry permits.

In 2015, Tim was asked to join a group of like-minded professional shooting instructors who felt the need to develop a curriculum of defensive firearms training to meet the needs of today's Armed Patriot. From this collaboration N.A.P.S.I. was formed.

Tim is proud to be a founding member of N.A.P.S.I. 

Tim's Certifications Include:

NRA Pistol Instructor

NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
Missouri Approved Concealed Weapons Instructor

Illinois Approved Concealed Weapons Instructor
N.A.P.S.I. Approved Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor
N.A.P.S.I. Approved Senior Instructor Trainer

P.O.S.T. Approved Basic Patrol Rifle/LE Rifle Instructor
P.O.S.T. Approved Basic Patrol Shotgun/LE Shotgun Instructor

Additional Training Summary:

Armed Missouri, Inc. (Chris and Nic Shoffner) - "Dynamic Defensive Pistol" (two time graduate)
Suarez International (Steve Collins) - "CRG4 Force of Force Gunfighting Skills"

American Heart Association - "Adult, Child, & Infant CPR, First Aid, and AED"
Martial Arms Tactical (Steve Collins) - "Vehicle Gunfighting" (two time graduate)

Suarez International (Steve Collins) - "SGF1 Defensive Shotgun"

Professional Affiliations:

NRA Annual Member
N.A.P.S.I. (National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors) Founding Member

Tim is the owner and lead instructor of Patriot Armed Defense. Tim was born in 1959 and was lucky enough to have a father (Woodrow) and two older brothers that were avid shooters, hunters and outdoorsmen. Tim’s father taught him to shoot at the age of six. "Woody” was also an avid deer hunter and the annual pilgrimage to deer camp each fall with his three sons was a highlight each year. In 1970, Woody purchased a Smith and Wesson Model 28 .357 magnum and introduced Tim to pistol shooting and a love affair with handguns ensued.

Tim is a proud veteran of the United States Army.  Following in the footsteps of his father and older brother, he enlisted in the Army in 1977 and re-enlisted again in 1984. Serving as a combat medical specialist Tim qualified expert with the M16, M1911, M60 and M67.