He worked as an HF Engineer for Heathkit of St. Joseph, Michigan and as a Computer Systems Engineer Rockwell Engineering in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

For the past 32 years Bill has owned Keller Information Systems specializing in the development and sales of software to the nursing home and hospital market and has extensive experience in training staff in highly complex products.

Bill and Sue have been married for the past 43 years and have two children and three grandchildren.

He has been a lifelong shooter from his first introduction to a Colt Woodsman .22 pistol by his uncle Ted, through his position today as owner and Lead Trainer for Eastern Iowa Firearms Training specializing in training the “new and inexperienced shooter”.  He is also an avid gun blogger with over 400 articles dedicated to training the new shooter and enhancing their skill set, and is the author of “Just the Basics – for the New Shooter” available from White Feather Press.

Bill's Certifications Include:

AR15 Armorer
Glock Certified Armorer
I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach
NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Rifle Instructor
NRA Shotgun Instructor
NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor
NRA Defensive Pistol Instructor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Training Counselor
N.A.P.S.I. Approved Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor
N.A.P.S.I. Approved Senior Instructor Trainer

P.O.S.T. Approved Basic Patrol Rifle/LE Rifle Instructor
P.O.S.T. Approved Basic Patrol Shotgun/LE Shotgun Instructor

Additional Training Summary

ALiCE Training Institute - AliCE Training
American Red Cross - First Aid
American Red Cross - Wilderness First Aid
Below 100 Project - Below 100 Training
Defensive Edge/SLR15 Rifles - 2-Day AR/M16/M4 Armorers Course
Elite Accuracy (Jim See) - 2-day Long Range Precision Shooting Course
Gabe Suarez Group - 2-day Point Shoot Progression Course
Gauntlet Professional Services (Jeff Dill) - 2-Day Tactical Pistol Course
Glock Armorer School
Gunsite 123 - 3-day Carbine Course
Gunsite 150 - 3-Day Pistol Course
I.C.E. - Combat Focus Shooting 2-day Pistol Course
I.C.E. - Combat Focus Shooting 1-day Carbine Course
I.C.E. - Combat Focus Shooting 3-Day Defensive Firearms Coach Instructor Development
Massad Ayoob - Mag20
VPD / ILEA - 3-day Patrol Rifle Course
VPD - 4-hour Force Science Officer Response to Deadly Threats

Current Annual Range Qualification Score (2017-2018)

ILEA Carbine - Marksman COF Instructor Qualification
ILEA Carbine - CQB COF Instructor Qualification
ILEA Carbine - Night Fire COF Instructor Qualification
ILEA Pistol - Standard Qualification Old FBI COF Instructor Qualification
ILEA Pistol - Night Fire CQB COF Instructor Qualification

Professional Affiliations:

2nd Amendment Foundation
National Rifle Association
Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors
Shooting Sports Director for the Hawkeye Area Counsel of the BSA in Iowa
Assistant Scout Master, Troop 47
President of the local Red Cedar Chapter of the Izaak Walton League

N.A.P.S.I. (National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors) Founding Member    

N.A.P.S.I. Founding Member:
William Keller


 William (Bill) Keller


Bill serves as the Executive Vice President of N.A.P.S.I.  He entered the United States Air Force in July of 1968 and spent a total of 21 years on active duty and in the Air National Guard.  While starting his career as an enlisted man and reaching the rank of E7 he transitioned to an officer and retired in 1989 with the rank of Major.  Duty stations included Taiwan, Vietnam, Ohio and a host of deployments from Panama to England.

During his career he qualified on the M16, M60 and was certified as an Expert with a pistol multiple times.

He served in positions as Electronics Officer, NBC Warfare Officer, Disaster Preparedness Officer and ended his career as the OCI of the Avionics Section of the 132 TFW in Des Moines, Iowa.

Bill has degrees in Industrial Electronics and Broadcast Engineering, and has a 1st Class FCC Telephony License and a BS Degree in Computer Systems Engineering.